Anne N. Kamau

Licensed Professional Counselor

Anne has dedicated the last 14 years to helping people overcome psychological problems that hold them back in life.She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Education from Moi University and a Masters Degree in Counseling from Seton Hall University. She holds post licensure professional certifications in Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) from The Washington School of Psychiatry and ISTDP Institute, both in Washington, DC.

She is board certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) and is licensed in Maryland and Virginia. Anne is also on the faculty of The Washington School of Psychiatry, Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, Program. In this role Anne instructs licensed and practicing mental health professionals.

“Has anxiety hijacked your body or life? Are you tired of feeling anxious, edgy, overwhelmed, having anxiety attacks? Are fears keeping you stuck e.g., what if I fail? Is fear of being judged, rejected or not fitting in, holding you back? Is your inner critic, making your life miserable, feel like a bad person, & chopping down your self-esteem? Are you tired of blaming, doubting, or comparing yourself with others? Do you feel stuck in a toxic or co-dependent relationship? These alongside depression, low self-esteem, disconnection from emotions, & addictions/problematic use of alcohol/drugs are the primary areas I specialize in, I am one of few therapists with advanced training in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). ISTDP is evidence based, & highly effective in helping people resolve emotional difficulties that keep them stuck. With awareness that unique individual factors determine how problems affect a person, I provide a customized plan for each client.

Wouldn’t it be nice to resolve your difficulties & feel in control instead of anxiety & fears, having leverage & directing your actions and decisions? Instead of hiding, shrinking from the world, comparing yourself to others, will you have a peace of mind, feel in control, and march confidently towards your goals? Contact me for a free consultation.”