Ahren Grebner

Licensed Professional Counselor

Ahren has been in the mental health field since 2013 and has worked in inpatient, in-home, college counseling centers, and private practice settings. He has worked with clients from a diverse range of ages, races, backgrounds, and problems. Currently Ahren is focusing on working individually with adults and young adults to address their personal goals, struggles, and pains. In his work he strives to understand you and the problems you are struggling with so that change can start to take root in your life. 

“There are times in everyone’s life when they feel trapped, alone, lost, and overwhelmed. Often we cope in ways that leave us feeling empty or on edge. We find ourselves repeating patterns that continue to cause problems in our relationships, our career, and keep us from moving forward. It’s at these times we need someone to sit with us in our loneliness, pain, confusion.

Therapy can help make sense of these difficult times, and more importantly, put you on the path to making change in your life. I will work to understand you and the stresses around you. I will help you identify the patterns in your life that are holding you back, and together we will make a plan to make change real.

We often can not change the stresses that impact us, but we can adjust the ways we respond to these stresses. I look forward to helping you take the next steps.”